Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Marker Club

These are the cards we made at the May Marker Club. This Club is a great way to get the entire set of markers while spreading out the payments over 4 months. If you are interested in joining a Marker Club (or Stamp Club, or ribbon club, etc), just let me know! The card above was made by coloring directly on the stamp with markers, and then taking a fine-mist spray of water and misting it on the stamp. When you stamp the image, it gives it a nice watercolor look. Confetti White card stock is great for this technique because it soaks up just enough water so you don't have to wait so long for it to dry. There is some vellum paper in the background, also.

For the card below we did the thumping technique. It actually works better when you ink up the stamp with a lighter color ink, but I chose Ruby Red. Definitely not a light color! But the technique still works and it's fun to play around and break the stamping rules sometimes! It's easy to do. Just ink up a solid stamp. Then take a marker in your hand and hold it loosely in your hand like you would a chopstick. Then thump it on the stamp a few times. You can even do this with multiple colors! I always scribble with my marker a little after I do this in case there is a little ink from the stamp on the marker.

Doesn't it look like confetti on this card?! To make this background, run a marker (or 2 or 3) all over a brayer. I did squiggly lines all over, but you could also try shapes. Then roll it over your card stock. To clean the brayer, simply run it under water and dry with a paper towel. The cupcake stamp was also colored using markers. We added a little glitter to the candle to give it a little extra shine!

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Jamie Fisher said...

Great cards Patrice! Looks like fun! :)